The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Home

(That Actually Looks Great)

Managing a household, especially when the kids are around, is a true art form. In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What does kid-friendly mean anyway?

  • How to embrace the freedom of the Intentional House Cycle, and how it’s way better than any ferris wheel you’ve ever carnivaled upon.

  • The secret to letting go of worry about kids destroying, and how to help manage the chaos.

  • The beauty of healthy and supportive boundaries and when it’s okay to have preferences

  • How to use your house to inspire Great Relationships and not fighting about stuff and messes

  • How to incorporate great design so your house sings of beauty

Complete with easily printable worksheets to take you through the process, this class will take your experience at home from a shrill, chalkboardy “ahhhhhh!!!!!” to an easy, Buble-esque “oooo la la”.


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